POS S-530
POS S-520
Sunyard S-520 и S-530 Wireless POS-terminals (mobile GPRS, CDMA or WiFi POS-terminals)
  • Built-in PIN-pad, multiple security protections
  • Built-in Magnetic fnd IC Card Readers
  • RFID (MIFARE) Card Reader (S-530)
  • Higher resolution 4-Level Grey Scale (S-530) or Monochrome (S-520) Graphics Backlit Display
  • Security data self-erasion on abnormally open
  • Ultra Lighweight and Very High Capacity Lithium-Polymer battery
  • POS S-530 and Second Battery can charging separately (also by the Car Charger)
  • 12 VDC Car Charger (optional)
  • SMA-M connector for External Antenna (optional)
  • EMV Level 1 & 2 certified (S-520)
  • POS S-320 Sunyard S-320 POS-terminal
  • Built-in PIN-pad
  • Hi-speed dedicated POS security processor
  • Lightweight and Compact terminal with Docking-station (Base)
  • Infrared data communication between POS and Base
  • Large capacity storage
  • Built-in Magnetic and IC Card Readers
  • Optically assembled external ISO14443 type A/Type B contactless card reader
  • Graphics Backlit Display
  • Security data self-erasion on abnormally open
  • POS S-180 Sunyard S-180 Traditional Telephone and POS
  • It combines traditional telephone and POS together
  • Built-in PIN-pad
  • RJ-11 Telephone Line and Extension Line interface
  • RJ-45 LAN interface
  • Can support Magnetic Card and IC Card. (RFID is optional)
  • Support USB HOST
  • Graphics LCD display
  • Abnormal Opening Detection
  • EMV Level 1 & 2 certified
  • POS S-058 S-058 (P-80) External PIN-pad Sunyard
  • Smart and ergonomic design
  • Low power consumption
  • Support DES/3DES algorithm
  • LCD Display, more convenient for use
  • Multi-Security System, make sure keys secure storage
  • PCI2.0 certified, extremely secure

  • OEM Logo All the POS-terminals can be manufactured with Sunyard logo such as custom-designed OEM with Your own logo on device, user's guide and package etc.
    Linux Logo Software could be written by our own programmers or we will supply the SDK developement software and provide support (optionally).

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